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The International Underground Excavations Symposium, initiated by the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Mining Engineers of TMMOB relying on the start of the Istanbul Metro construction excavations, was held four times in 1994, 2007, 2013, and 2018 in parallel with the developments in metro and tunnel excavations.

The International Underground Excavations Symposium, the first three of which were held as the Underground Excavations in Transportation Symposium, was announced as The International Underground Excavations Symposium so that underground excavations include different engineering projects such as underground mining, water-wastewater, and dam tunnels in addition to metro tunnels.

The International Underground Excavations Symposium, the first of which was organized in 1994 with the contributions of Istanbul Metropolitan Munisipality (IBB) and Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Mining Faculty, has been supported in different years by the Turkish Tunnelling Society, ITA-International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association, General Directorate of Highways, TMMOB, universities, and relevant public institutions.

The UYAK Symposium is a scientific and technical event where municipalities, public institution representatives, contractor companies, machinery-equipment manufacturers, and engineers come together to discuss scientific and technological developments and issues related to underground excavations especially tunnelling.