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Project Design, Planning

  • Design, planning and utilization of underground structures
  • Field and laboratory investigations, soil and rock testing
  • Geological, geophysics and geotechnical reporting
  • Feasibility studies

Conventional Tunnelling and Mine Developments

  • Sequential excavation, NATM
  • Applications of umbrella arch and other pre-support methods
  • Applications of shotcrete, wire mesh, steel support
  • Drilling and blasting applications and vibrations in urbanized areas
  • Drilling and blasting applications in underground operations
  • Excavation, support, haulage, and drainage applications
  • Probe drilling, ground-soil improvement, jet grouting, and dewatering
  • Tunnelling and mining applications of conventional excavation methods

Mechanical Excavation Methods / Mechanical Tunnelling

  • New (rapid) excavation technologies, selection-design- performance
  • Full-face tunnelling machines (TBMs)
  • Roadheaders and impact/hydraulic hammers
  • Logistics-backup units in rapid excavation systems
  • Soil-muck conditioning, slurry conditioning
  • Post-excavation works, electro mechanics, signalization, fire monitoring
  • Mining and tunnelling applications of mechanical excavation methods

Urban Tunnelling, Digitalization in Underground Excavations

  • Digitalization in underground excavation projects' design and construction processes (IoT, building information modeling, data science, etc.)
  • Sustainability practices in the construction and design of underground structures,
  • Automatic Monitoring Systems,
  • Urban tunnelling and underground excavations in densely populated areas.
  • Urban construction site applications.
  • Recycling and reuse of TBM wastes,
  • Underground urbanism and underground excavations

Risk, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Other Topics

  • Risk analysis and management, organization, tendering processes, costs
  • Environmental effects, ground deformations, geotechnical measurements
  • Health and safety in underground excavations
  • Ventilation applications
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of underground structures
  • Mega tunnel applications, mega-mining applications
  • Microtunnelling