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Drilling and Blasting in Metro-Tunnel Projects Workshop held

Drilling and Blasting in Metro-Tunnel Projects Workshop were held on Saturday, July 23, with the cooperation of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Department and the TMMOB Chamber of Mining Engineers Istanbul Branch. More than 180 engineers and managers working on Istanbul subway tunnel projects attended the Workshop held at the Architect Kadir Topbaş Show and Art Center in Yenikapı.

The workshop started with the opening speeches of Mesut Erkan, Chair of the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Mining Engineers, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pelin Alpkökin, Assistant Secretary-General of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. In the first session of the workshop, Presentations were made by Prof. Dr. Ümit Özer on Drilling Blasting Principles, Applications and Vibration Management in Urban Tunnel Excavations, and by Mining Engineer Ümit Kılıç on Tunnel Blasting Methods and Drilling Blasting Designs.

In the second session of the workshop, Drilling and Blasting Practices, Problems & Solution Suggestions in Istanbul Metro Tunnel Projects Panel, was held with the participation of Prof. Dr. Ümit Özer from Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Mining Engineering Department, Rail System Projects Manager Ceyhun Avşar from the IBB Rail System Department, Selçuk Şimşek from the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Mining Engineers and Ümit Kılıç from the Drilling and Blasting Commission of the Chamber of Mining Engineers. In the workshop, which continued with the questions and suggestions of the participants, it was stated that new workshops would be held on different topics related to the metro-tunneling field. The Workshop Report on the issues stated topics and solution proposals at the workshop will be shared with the public soon. The workshop was also concluded by calling for the UYAK2023-5th International Underground Excavations Symposium to be held in 9-10-11 March 2023 in Istanbul.

We would like to thank our colleagues who participated in the workshop and all the participants who contributed with their presentations.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality – The Department of Rail Systems

TMMOB Chamber of Mining Engineers – Istanbul Branch