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1977         Dipl.-Ing., Graz University of Technology

1980         Dr.mont., Mining University Leoben


Professional Career

1977 – 1980           Researcher and Lecturer at Mining University Leoben

1980 – 1992           GEOCONSULT, Consulting Engineers, Salzburg

1992 – 2018           Head of Institute for Rock Mechanics and Tunnelling, Graz Univ. of Technology

Since 1999            Professional Engineer

Since 1999            Partner of 3G – Gruppe Geotechnik Graz ZT Consulting Engineers


Professional Experience

Design, construction supervision, consulting for above and underground projects in Austria, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia, Slovakia, USA, Canada, Iran, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Laos, Nigeria, Pakistan, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia (total approx. 3.500 km tunnels)


Main Areas of Research/ Scientific activities

Failure and deformation phenomena of tunnels in poor ground. Improvement of monitoring data evaluation and interpretation. Influence of heterogeneous rock mass on stress field and displacements of tunnels. Development of tools for early detection of critical situations in tunnelling based on monitoring data evaluation. Improvement of prediction of displacements for tunnels. Investigation on performance of rock bolts in squeezing ground. Development of improved support systems for tunnels in fault zones. Improvement of geological documentation for tunnels by stereophotographic methods and three-dimensional modelling of rock mass. Improvement of methods for rock mass characterization and determination of support for tunnels.

Seminars and Workshops in USA, Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Chile


Functions in national and international Societies

Past Vice President at Large of the ISRM (International Society for Rock Mechanics)

President of the Austrian Society of Geomechanics since 2008

Member of various Committees and Working Groups of the ISRM and ITA


Conference Chairs



Annual Geomechanics Colloquium since 2008

ISRM Congress 2023



More than 300 publications in journals, conferences, contributions in books


Supervision of theses

  • Master theses: about 120 completed
  • Doctoral theses (first supervisor): 26 completed, 2 currently under preparation
  • Doctoral theses (second supervisor): 16 completed