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UYAK2023 Photo Contest

UYAK2023 – Underground Photo Contest Results

As part of the UYAK2023 – 5th International Underground Excavations Symposium and Exhibition, the 2nd UYAK Photography Contest will be organized to increase the solidarity among those working in the tunnelling and mining sectors and to look at underground excavations and structures through the eyes of those who work in these sectors.

The photographs selected from those sent by those working in the tunnel and underground mine preparation excavation works or previously sent by those working in these areas will be exhibited during the UYAK2023 Symposium and Exhibition to be held in Istanbul on 5-6-7 June 2023. It is free to participate in the competition with photographs taken within the context of tunnelling and underground preparation excavations. Photos taken from different areas of underground excavations such as subway tunnels, highway tunnels, dam/energy tunnels, transportation tunnels, underground mine preparation galleries, and mine wells will be evaluated in the contest.

The subject of the Competition: Underground excavations, underground structures, tunnel excavations, subway constructions, tunnelling structures and mine excavations.

Contest Award: The photographs will be evaluated in two categories, National and International, and awards will be given according to these two categories. UYAK2023 Symposium delegate package, three-day accommodation, and UYAK2023 Photography Contest plaque will be presented to the winners of the first two photographs in the National Category, where photos sent from Turkey will be evaluated. UYAK2023 Symposium delegate package, a three-day accommodation, and a UYAK2023 Photography Contest plaque will be presented to the winners of the first two photographs in the international category, where photos sent from outside of Turkey will be evaluated.

Deadline: 1 February 2023

Purpose of Exhibition

Within the scope of the UYAK2023-5th International Underground Excavations Symposium, the UYAK2023 Photography Contest is organized in order to increase the solidarity among those working in the tunneling and mining industry and to look at underground excavations through the eyes of those who work in this sector.

Conditions of the Photography Contest

  • Only photographs taken within the scope of underground excavations and structures such as tunneling and mine preparation galleries will be accepted for the Photo Contest. Photographs sent outside of these conditions will not be considered.
  • A maximum of 5 photographs will be submitted to the contest.
  • Photos will be sent with high resolution, short edge of at least 3000 pixels. Photos taken with mobile phones with these features can be sent
  • Since the photographs will be documents, digital manipulations will be made by taking this feature into account, and the main structure of the image will not be changed. No space will be left on the edges of the photo; no framing will be done.
  • The participant's name, signature, date, logo, etc., will not be on the photograph.
  • The participant accepts, declares, and undertakes that the work he sends to the exhibition is entirely his own and that all permissions have been obtained. Photographs that appear outside of these conditions will not be considered. The participant will be responsible for legal situations that may arise later.
  • All photography technique is free
  • The photographs can be used free of charge by the Chamber of Mining Engineers of TMMOB and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
  • Members of the UYAK2023 Symposium Executive Board cannot participate in the contest.
  • Submitted photographs must not have been exhibited in another contest before.


Participants will make a "Personal Statement" by completely filling out the UYAK2023 Photo Contest Participation Form. The participation form will include the number of each photo, the place and date it was taken, and the name of the photo if any.

Sending Photos

Photos will be uploaded from photo contest tab or by e-mail to [email protected] with the participation form below.

Application Form

Exhibition Schedule

Announcement: 1 August 2022

Deadline for submission: 1 February 2023

Selection committee evaluation : 6 February 2023

Declaration of the results: 8 February 2023

Exhibition opening : 5 June 2023

Exhibition period: 5-6-7 June 2023

Exhibition venue: UYAK2023 Symposium and Exhibition Congress Center

Selection Committee

  • Mehmet MAKAR, Mining Engineer
  • Emre Nam, Mining Engineer
  • Fevzi Aksu, Mining Engineer
  • Ülkü Ebru Yıldırım, Civil Engineer
  • Erdi Yılmaz, Mining Engineer
  • Gökhan Şeker, Photographer

Evaluation and Selection of Photos

The photographs that the Selection Committee will evaluate in terms of suitability with the theme among the photos participating in the contest will be selected for the exhibition and the award.


Selected photographs will be printed and exhibited in the Symposium Exhibition area on March 2023. The exhibition consisting of the submitted photographs can be opened free of charge, without any income/commercial purpose, at the place and time chosen by the Chamber of Mining Engineers and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. These institutions can use the photographs to be selected for the exhibition whenever and wherever they want. All recordings other than the selected photos will be deleted from the digital media and storage.

Exhibition Secretariat and Application

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