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Nuh Bilgin was graduated from Mining Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University. He obtained his Ph.D in Newcastle upon Tyne University, UK on “Rock cutting mechanics of high strength rocks. He appointed as a full time professor in 1989 in ITU. He worked one year in Colorado School of Mines, USA in 1994 as visiting professor and scholar of Fulbright, one year in the University of Witwatersrand (South Africa) in 1989 as a visiting professor. He did also consultancy to platinum and deep gold mines in South Africa on the development of new excavation technologies in hard rock.

He was the coordinator of one of the most prestigious international projects carried out in Istanbul Technical University. The project was on the development of mining methods and mining machinery in Bismarck Sea for the production of metallic ores. Nautilus Minerals, from Australia, sponsored the project.

He worked recently as a member of experts for NHPC, India for Parbati II project, a tunnel currently being excavated in Himalia, in quartzite, in very difficult conditions.

He published three following books in English:

  • 1. Bilgin, N., Copur, H., Balci, C. (2014). Mechanical Excavation in Mining and Civil Industries, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, London.
  • 2. Bilgin N, Copur H, Balci C (2016). TBM excavation in Difficult Ground Conditions, Case Studies from Turkey, Wiley, Earns and Sohn, ISBN-978-3-433-03150-6
  • 3. Bilgin N, Copur H, Balci C, Tumac D (2019), The Strength, Cuttability and Workability of Coal, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group.